Now that January has come and gone, I wanted to do a little recap of how Veganuary went for me.

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If you didn’t know, I decide to jump into the Veganuary challenge this year. I kind of just dipped my toes in, because I really didn’t feel like I was ready to go fully vegan, so I decided to be vegetarian for the month.

Why I Wanted to do Veganuary

I wanted to do Veganuary for a few reasons, the first being that I really want to continue doing what I can to help the planet. I know that sounds cheesy and hippy dippy, but eating meat is actually one of the worst things you can do for the planet, and just by simply cutting back on meat consumptions (Meatless Monday even), you can make a huge difference! To me, eating for the planet feels like a somewhat easy change because I already love so many vegetarian foods.

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The other reason was to just switch it up a little bit. Like most people, I kind of get stuck in a rut making the same 4 or 5 meals over and over, and I wanted an excuse to try something new. Like I said, I already love so many vegetarian foods, so it wasn’t like every single thing I ate was something I’ve never had before, but it gave me an excuse to make new recipes and try a few new things as well.

How Did it Go? 

Overall I found the month surprisingly easy. I really didn’t miss meat at all for the first couple weeks and was really enjoying everything I cooked and ate. I felt great, less bloated and more energized, and was having fun making some new recipes.

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Now, I did cheat once or twice during the month. The first time, I was on a work trip and have a very short layover around dinnertime. I got off one plane to find my next flight and what was right next to the terminal? Thats right, Chickfila. So knowing that I didn’t have much time and didn’t want to wander around the airport, I just went ahead and got Chickfila for dinner. The second time I was also traveling with a group of people and someone cooked chicken quesadillas, and I didn’t want to be the one person to say “oh I’m actually vegetarian”, so I just ate them. I know I should’ve been that person and there’s nothing wrong with being that person, but alas I just didn’t say anything.

For the most part I really didn’t miss meat at all. I only found myself craving specific meals, like Chickfila or a chorizo taco at my favorite taco restaurant, but I never felt like “man I could really use some steak”, or anything like that.

Where to Go From Here

Doing Veganuary, I knew I had no intentions of staying vegetarian or vegan. I simply wanted to add a few more vegetarian meals into my rotation and eat them more often. However, I enjoyed eating vegetarian a lot more than I thought I would! So from here on out my plan is to be “Plant Based”.

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What does that mean? I plan on consuming mostly plant based meals (aka vegetarian), but if I want meat I’m not going to stop myself from having it. Like I said I really didn’t miss or crave meat much at all, and I still am not, but sometimes I do get that craving for, say Chickfila, or another meal that I love that has meat in it. I know that I don’t want to totally give those things up, so I’m not going to! I’d love to consume at least two vegetarian meals per day, which I know won’t always happen, but I think is pretty doable. So far in Februrary I’ve really only eaten seafood (shrimp, scallops, salmon), and some pepperoni on a pizza.

So that is my planning going forward! This way of eating is feeling really good for my body so far, and I’m excited to continue trying new recipes and discovering new meals that I love!

Did you do Veganuary? Are you trying to consume a more plant based diet?

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I'm just an aspiring Registered Dietitian who loves food.

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