Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that 2018 is over and done, but I had a great year, and actually think I did really well with my resolutions over the past year. One of the things I really wanted to do was read one book each month in 2018, and I succeeded! Because I love hearing about what other people are reading, I decided I would do a little write up of the books I read this year, in case you also want to read more this year and are looking for some suggestions.

  1. Call Me By Your Name by: Andre Aciman

I started this year off with a bang with this book that I had wanted to read since seeing the trailer for the movie and I am so glad I did. This book was truly amazing! If you have been in love, gone through heartbreak, or really anything in between, you will relate to this book. Yes, there are those odd moments that are uncomfortable to read, but this book left me feeling so much, and I will definitely be reading it again.

2. The Sun and Her Flowers by: Rupi Kaur

I love Rupi Kaur so much. Her first book, Milk and Honey, was amazing, so I was thrilled when she came out with her second book. Her poems are so powerful and relatable. Even if you don’t love poetry, I highly recommend you read Rupi’s books; they will convert you to a poetry lover.

3. Health at Every Size by: Linda Bacon

Early in the year I decided that every other book I read will be a non-fiction, most likely nutrition related, book. I had started Health at Every Size during my internship, but just never finished, so I figured it was time. I highly recommend this book to any dietitian. It really will change your perspective on health and weight loss, and I can’t wait to incorporate HAES into my own practice!

4. The Hate U Give by: Angie Thomas

This book was another great one! It is definitely written for young adults, but I think a lot of people could benefit from reading it. This is written from the perspective of a young African-American girl who lives in a rough neighborhood, but goes to a rich, mostly white school. She starts out being ashamed of who she is while at school, but then witnesses the killing of her unarmed friend by the police, and she quickly turns into an activist who is proud of her race. It was really interesting to read that story from a different perspective.

5. Intuitive Eating by: Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole

This is another amazing nutrition book that I would recommend to all dietitians or health care professionals. Like HAES, it really changed my perspective on health and weight loss. Both this book and HAES also tapped into my interest in eating disorder recovery as well. Again, I can’t wait to incorporate Intuitive Eating into my own practice (hopefully soon!).

6. Little Fires Everywhere by: Celeste Ng

This was the first book of the year that I wasn’t too crazy about. It was an entertaining read, don’t get my wrong. But to me, it was just a little predictable. There was definitely a little bit of suspense, but it was mostly just about an upper class family, a mystery child, people lying, the usual.

7. The Secret Life of Fat by: Sylvia Tara

The second book of the year I didn’t like… except this one I really didn’t like. I had high hopes and was really excited to learn from this book, but the ended totally and completely ruined the whole book. The science parts of it were pretty interesting, but the author pretty much negated everything at the end when she described herself losing weight by starving herself and overexercising. In the end, a pretty disappointing read.

8. Elenor Oliphant is Completely Fine by: Gail Honeyman

This book about an anti-social, alcoholic woman who find herself in the end was really enjoyable. It actually got a lot darker than expected in some parts, but overall was a very positive story. It was both funny and emotional, and pleasure to read.

9. The Goldfinch by: Donna Tartt

After starting this book about 3 different times over the last couple years, I finally decided it was time to finish it. This is a long book and at times kind of a tough read, but I did enjoy it. I can’t really decide how much I liked it because in a way I don’t really feel it was about much, but then at times it was really good. I don’t know, undecided on this one.

10. Deep Nutrition by: Catherine Shanahan

Oh man, I really wanted to like this one but I couldn’t even finish it. I was so excited to read this after hearing the ladies on the Nourishing Women Podcast rave about it but I just could not get into it. From my perspective this book was basically just a million different chapters about why sugar and vegetable oil are bad. Maybe the second half of the book gets better, but I just couldn’t keep reading.

11. The Woman in the Window by: A.J. Finn

I think this book, about a woman with Agoraphobia who witness something terrible through her neighbor’s window, was my favorite of the year. At first I kind of thought it was predictable, but still fun to read,  but then there are a bunch of twists that I did not see coming! This was the only book I read this year that I just couldn’t put down. If you liked The Girl on the Train or Gone Girl, I think you’d really enjoy this one.

12. Girl, Wash Your Face by: Rachel Hollis

This was my only non-nutrition non-fiction book of the year. I do enjoy a good inspiration, self help book every once in a while, but I don’t feel like I really got much out of this one. It was definitely inspirational, but there wasn’t any new information in here that I hadn’t read of heard before. I think if you are a new mom or very religious, you might get more out of this book than I did.

13. Less by: Andrew Sean Greer

My final book of 2018 came recommended by a few friends. This book almost felt like a middle-aged man’s Eat Pray Love Moment. It’s all about a man who’s ex-lover is getting married, and he decides to embark on a trip to several different places to keep himself busy and avoid said wedding. There were times during this book that I found it a tad boring, but I did enjoy it for the most part.

What books did you read in 2018? I’m going to give myself the same challenge of reading 12 books in 2019, so I am open to suggestions!

Happy New Year!

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