Happy Monday! I wanted to start sharing a few “current events” type articles with you all every once in a while. I get a lot of nutrition related emails with the latest articles and research, and sometimes there is some pretty interesting stuff in there. I always think its good to share the latest because it shows people that nutrition is a constantly changing science. I think it also helps show us that just because you hear something from one study doesn’t mean its fact (cough coconut oil cough).

Turns out your work patterns can actually have a huge impact on your gut and hormones.

Yikes, according to this study Multivitamins really don’t help CVD.

Eating certain foods together can help with you get the most out of the nutrients in those foods. Here are a few good combos.

I’m sorry, what?! Apparently the US opposed the World Health Assembly’s Breastfeeding-Feeding Resolution.

As a serious nature-lover myself I love the results of this study. Turns out that just being in nature can reduce Type II Diabetes risk.

While pregnant moms should NEVER focus on weight loss, it is important to watch what you are eating. What a mom eats while pregnant can actually have a huge effect on their baby’s gut bacteria.

I hope you guys enjoyed some of these articles! Let me know if you’d like me to continue doing these posts every once in a while. What topics are you most interested in?

Have a great week!

Posted by:madetoorder

I'm just an aspiring Registered Dietitian who loves food.

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