Ok seriously, how is it November already? I feel like this whole year has gone by in the blink of an eye. But, like most basic girls, Fall is my favorite season, so I’m not really complaining, although I wish the weather in Raleigh would cooperate a little better. Even the slightest taste of that Fall chill has got me feeling all cozy and excited for the holiday season. Anyways, here are a few things I’ve been enjoying this month.

Anna Farris is Unqualified
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few months but it just always slipped my mind to put it in my favorites. Every week Anna Farris (from House Bunny, Scary Movie, etc) has a different celebrity on and they chat and then call a few fans and give them advice. Although it sometimes gets a little weird, its most of the time hilarious.

Bon Iver- 22, A Million
Bon Iver is one of my favorite bands, I could listen to them all day. The music is just so relaxing, but powerful at the same time. Anyways, Bon Iver hasn’t put out new music in years, and they’ve finally come out with a new album! Its just as great as expected, and every single song on the album sounds totally different. My personal favorites are “00000 Million” and “715-CRΣΣKS”.

It Cosmetics CC Cream
I’ve actually had this product for quite a while but I’ve just recently started using it non-stop. I don’t know what it is but it just makes your skin look beautiful. For a CC cream it gives pretty great coverage too. I have the color “Light” and it is actually a little dark for me, but it still works.

Fresh Rose Face Mask
I actually got this product as part of the birthday gift from Sephora earlier in the year. I love Fresh products, I feel like they’re all so refreshing, and this face mask is no different. It smells beautiful and makes your skin so moisturized. I love putting this on in the morning if I have a day at home and just leaving it on for like 30 minutes or so. If you still have a birthday coming up this year, I strongly suggest signing up for the Sephora Beauty Insider program so you can get this as a birthday gift too!

Wasa Multigrain Crispbread 
I’ve been snacking on these babies a lot this month. These little flatbread crackers go great with pretty much everything. My favorite thing to do is top them with crushed avocado, feta, red pepper, and sometimes a fried egg. They’re also great topped with hummus, or pretty much everything else.

What have you been loving this month? Also, look out for a post about all things pumpkin coming up soon!


Posted by:madetoorder

I'm just an aspiring Registered Dietitian who loves food.

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