I’ve always wanted to try Blue Apron and other companies of the sort, but they just seem so expensive. Imagine my excitement when I came across a Groupon for Blue Apron which made the pricing about $6 a meal!

Incase you don’t know, Blue Apron is a weekly meal delivery service. You subscribe to their service and they send you all of the ingredients for meals for 2 or 4 people and then you cook the meal yourself. The normal price is about $60 for 3 meals for 2 people ($10 per meal). Along with the box they send all of the ingredients, normally the exact amount you need, as well as recipes for each meal. Each week they come out with a new menu and you are able to pick which meals you like, although for some reason there are some combinations of meals you aren’t able to get. We were able to get all the meals we wanted though so the combo thing didn’t bother me.

So let’s get to my experience.



I came home to a big exciting box full of ingredients. On top were the three recipe cards and inside were the ingredients for each of the recipes. Each little portioned bag had a sticker on it saying what it was, so it was easy to figure out which ingredients went with which recipe. Everything was still cold and there were 2 large ice packs in the box, so I’m sure the food would’ve been safe for a few more hours for those who don’t get home until later in the evening. I didn’t get home until about 7:30pm the night the box arrived, so I decided I wanted to make the easiest recipe, which I decided was the Spinach Pesto Gnocchi.


I gathered all of the ingredients, as well as the bag labeled “Gnocchi Knick Knacks”. In that bag were smaller portioned ingredients like 2 Tbsp butter, some chopped almonds, capers, and parmesan cheese. I was really surprised at how simple the recipe was. The sauce just involved cooking some spinach and then chopping and mixing. The rest was just boiling the gnocchi and cooking the asparagus a little. It was so easy even my boyfriend could do it! (sorry Sam).


Overall I think the meal turned out really well. It wasn’t the most flavorful pesto sauce, probably because it was made with spinach instead of basil, but I still really enjoyed it. The only thing I would say is that the portion size wasn’t big enough for my boyfriend. We ended up making some mozzarella sticks with it and it was the perfect meal.

Next I made the Chicken Steam Buns. I was pretty excited for these because the picture looks so good. This was another super simple recipe. I just had to sautéed the ground chicken, marinade the veggies, and steam the buns. This was actually my first time ever steaming anything so that was exciting… not that that’s something that’s difficult. I did encounter a little problem with this recipe though… they sent me a bad cucumber!


We looked it up and it looks like the cucumber could have been over-chilled. So maybe it was up against the ice pack? I don’t know, either way we had to go get another cucumber. But none the less the meal itself was delicious. My picture didn’t come out nearly as pretty as recipe pictures, but it tasted better than it looked. And just like the first recipe, it was super easy!


The last meal was Beef Tartines, which are open faced beef sandwiches with a side of zucchini. I was looking forward to these least but actually ended up loving them. I also waited a few days to make this and all of the ingredients stayed nice and fresh. Like the other two recipes, this was very simple and didn’t take me more than about 30 minutes.


So in conclusion:

Food tasted delicious
Good price (with Groupon)
Healthy (for the most part)
Pre-portioned ingredients make cooking much quicker and easier
New menus every week
All recipes were very easy and fairly quick

Some meals were not large enough portions for a guy or anyone who might eat more than the average adult
Bad cucumber
A little pricey (without the Groupon)
Limited nutrition (only provided rough calorie count)

Overall I had a great experience with Blue Apron. While I can’t afford to get it every week, I would definitely suggest it for those who can, that want to make cooking a little easier. It’s also a fun way to mix it up. I know I can get stuck in a rut making the same things every week.

Have you tried Blue Apron or any other meal delivery services? Which is your favorite? I’ve also ordered Plated and Hello Fresh, so look out for reviews on the blog soon!

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I'm just an aspiring Registered Dietitian who loves food.

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