After being MIA for a few weeks I am back and ready to talk about food and beer! I’ve realized that this crazy internship schedule is taking its toll on me. I had good intentions by scheduling about a month in between each rotation so that I could work as much as possible in between. While this was a good idea in theory, now every time I start a new rotation its like a slap in the face. I go from working at 11am at the earliest, to having to work at 7:30am. My body is not thanking me. Anyways, the point of that was, switching from one schedule to the next results in me being dead to the world at night and on the weekends for the first week or so of rotations. I’m actually surprised I’m writing this now instead of sleeping (its only 8:50pm but whatever). Ok, rant over, moving on.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 2.47.18 PM(Photo credit:

There are so many different festivals and events in Raleigh these days it can be a little hard to keep up. One festival I make sure to hit every year is Brewgaloo. Brewagaloo is a local beer festival that takes place every year in Downtown Raleigh. Fayetteville Street is closed off and packed full of North Carolina breweries, food trucks, and vendors. This year, the festival included over 75 different breweries and 50 different food trucks.

(Beef Short Rib Bao from Baozi Food Truck)

My favorite thing about Brewgaloo is the pricing. While most big beer or wine festivals cost $40-$60 to get in, Brewgaloo can be enjoyed at a much tighter budget. Tickets are sold by the pint or as tasters. One ticket gets you a taste of beer and five gets you a pint. The best part, one ticket is only $1. So if you just want to try a few beers you can get out of there for $5! Plus your ticket purchase includes a pint glass (well plastic glass, but nice all the same). From three years of attendance I can tell you for sure that the tasters are the way to go. While you’re only supposed to get a small amount, most people will give you pretty much half of a glass. So its half a glass for one ticket, or a whole for five. I think the choice is pretty easy.

This year was so much fun, just like the years before it. There are a million different types of beer, from stouts and porters, to IPAs, to sour beers. Each year they have more and more cider as well, so even if you’re not a huge beer drinker you’ll have fun. TOPO also had some really delicious cocktails, although I thought they were being kind of cheap with their “tasters”. I asked for a taster and gave them one ticket and they literally gave me like a shot glass worth, so that was disappointing. All of the food trucks were amazing this year too, and none of the lines were insanely long. I feel like at food truck rodeos you end up waiting a half hour in line or for your food, but most of the lines I came across only had 5-10 people…and I went to good trucks too.

One thing you have to expect at Brewgaloo is lines everywhere. We got there around 5pm and waited in a line about 2 blocks long for tickets. You also have to wait in like for a few minutes for each beer. We also learned the hard way that the beer with no lines are probably not very good. So expect to spend quite a lot of time there. We got there around 5pm and were there until it ended at 10pm, and definitely would’ve stayed later if possible.

Once again Brewgaloo did not disappoint this year. This is on of my favorite Raleigh festivals and I’d definitely recommend it for anyone who wants taste some local beer. The dates for next year area already set for the weekend of April 22, 2017, so mark your calendars!


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