As I’m writing this I’m sitting outside in the beautiful sunshine and its pretty hard to believe February is over and its getting warm already (not that I’m complaining). As I get older I’ve realized that I think I want it to be Spring all the time. I used to love the cold and thought I wanted to live somewhere colder, but now I think I’d be pretty happy somewhere that ranges between 50 and 85 degrees all the time. I don’t need four season. But I digress… the purpose of this post is to talk about what I’ve been loving in February, so here goes.

Favorite Meal: Spinach and Potato Soup
I love soup. I don’t care if its cold or warm outside, I just love it. For Christmas I got an immersion blender and I have definitely been optimizing that the past couple months. This month especially I’ve been making a pureed spinach and potato soup pretty much every week. I love having it for lunch or just as a side with dinner. It really hits the spot.

Favorite Skincare: Malin + Goetz Clarifying Clay Mask
For some reason the last couple months my skin has just not been happy with me. Mostly my forehead has just been so bumpy and I don’t know why. But I got this clarifying clay mask in my Birchbox in January and decided to give it a go. I instantly noticed a difference from the first time I used it. This mask has the consistency and feel of a clay mask, so it cleans your pores, it has pumice to get rid of dead skin, witch hazel to help with blemishes and excess oil, and then when you wash it off it has little bits that exfoliate. So basically its the only mask you’ll ever need. But like I said, I noticed a difference after just one use and after the second use a few days later my skin was basically completely cleared up.

Favorite Makeup Product: Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
This is more of a rediscovery actually. I got this probably about a year ago when the Hourglass blushes were all the rage, and this was a good drugstore dupe. I loved in when I first got it too, but over time I just started using other things. With the weather getting warmer I’ve just been drawn to this again and I’ve officially fallen back in love. It’s such a beautiful, subtle color with just the right amount of shine in it.

Favorite Youtuber: Casey Neistat
This one is also a little bit of a rediscovery. I’ve always loved Casey’s vlogs, but recently I’ve also gotten my boyfriend into them and we’ve started watching them together every day. Casey is a daily vlogger, but he views every vlog as its own little movie, so the quality is always amazing and creative. He’s also hilarious and pretty inspirational.

Favorite Show: I’ll Have What Phil’s Having
Lately I’ve just been really into food shows, so I was flipping through Netflix in hopes of discovering something new and foodie. I’ll Have What Phil’s Having combines my two favorite things: food and travel. Phil travels to different places and learns about food and culture, while eating some really delicious food. I was hooked when I watched the Italy episode where most of it is spent in Florence (my favorite city in the world). Bonus: Phil is the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond so he’s pretty goofy and hilarious. Unfortunately there’s only about 5 or so episodes, but they’re definitely worth a watch.

What have you been loving this month?

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I'm just an aspiring Registered Dietitian who loves food.

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