Well January certainly flew by didn’t it?! I can’t believe the first month of the year is over. I have lots of new favorites to share this month.

Favorite Cookbook: 150 Best Spiralizer Recipes
My grandma actually got me this cookbook for Christmas and we’ve been trying at least one new recipe from it every week. So far we’ve had Butternut Squash Carbonara, Lemon Garlic Shrimp with Zoodles, and Spiralized Potatoes with green beans, bacon, and parmesan. (I’ve also posted them all on my Instagram) Every recipe has been awesome. My boyfriend even went so far as the say the Butternut Squash Carbonara was his favorite thing I’ve ever made. I have basically every other page bookmarked so I’m sure I’ll have lots of other food pics to share. But if you have a spiralizer I would highly suggest this book. There are so many recipes and things to spiralize that I would never even think of.

Favorite Youtuber: Raya Was Here
I’ve been really into travel vloggers on Youtube lately and Raya is definitely my favorite. I found her through her boyfriend Fun for Louis, who also has a really awesome channel and posts videos daily. I love Raya because she is so relatable. She didn’t know what to do after college and was feeling the pressure to get a 9-5 job that she hated and do what everyone else expected of her, so instead she decided to travel. Now she travels non-stop, she doesn’t even technically have a home. She is also incredibly appreciative of everywhere she goes and everything she sees, and that definitely comes through in her videos.

Honorable mention goes to Meghan Rienks’ anxiety video. Honestly I don’t normally like her videos, but this one popped up and its really awesome. She talks about what it feels like to have anxiety and its pretty spot on.

Favorite Clothing Item: Banana Republic Leather Jacket
I finally have a leather jacket! I’ve wanted one for a long time but never really bit the bullet. I had a fake one form Forever 21 for a while, but as you can imagine it didn’t last very long. So this year for Christmas I asked for a nice leather jacket, and I love it! Unfortunately right now its a little cold to wear it, but I wear it any chance I get and it just makes me feel so cool!

Favorite Random Thing: Lavender Oil
I keep meaning to talk about this and I keep forgetting. A few months ago I got some Lavender Essential Oil because I read that it was relaxing. On the bottle it said that you could put a couple drops on your pillow to help you sleep and thats what I’ve been doing. It really is so relaxing! I feel like I didn’t appreciate the difference it makes until I slept somewhere else one night and didn’t have it with me. If you have trouble falling asleep or turning your brain off at night, this is definitely worth a shot.

Favorite Product: Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay
This is another product I got for Christmas that I’ve been using non-stop throughout January. This mask kind of does it all. It makes me feel super fancy and luxurious because it feels and acts like a clay mask, but when it dries on your skin you scrub it off and it becomes an exfoliating mask. My skin always feel so nice and soft after using it. I also got the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask form Origins, and I really like that one too.

What have you been loving this month?

Posted by:madetoorder

I'm just an aspiring Registered Dietitian who loves food.

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