About a month ago I was lucky enough to spend the weekend in Washington DC with my mom and sister. As with most times I go to a different city, I was excited to try some new food. Luckily, my sister actually lives in DC so she knew some of the best spots. I never realized what a great food scene DC has, but everything we ate was seriously delicious and different.

Wise Guys PizzaIMG_2650

My mom and I got a slice of pizza for lunch per her request. This pizza place is actually underneath the building that my sister used to live in, so my mom had been many times and loved it. I love most pizza so I, or course, was a fan. I ended up getting a slice of Buffalo Chicken pizza, which is my all-time favorite flavor. My mom and I also split a Cesar salad, which was on point. This was also a pretty cheap option compared to most DC eats, and it looks like they’re open super late. I can just imagine getting a good slice of pizza as a late night snack. Yum!


Oh Ramen, how I love thee. This trip really jumpstarted my ramen obsession, and I don’t regret it one bit. The next restaurant we went to was a tiny little place called Daikaya, right near the Verizon Center. While the restaurant was tiny, there was no shortage of people. We ended up waiting a little over an hour, but there was plenty of shopping around so it wasn’t a big deal. We got some Gyoza to start and then we each got a big ole bowl of ramen. I went with the Mugi-Miso Ramen, which the server said was his favorite, and was a little more unique to that particular restaurant. I also added a spice bomb and a soft boiled egg. It was soooo good. The spice bomb made it just spicy enough, and the flavor was to die for. I also love the minced pork that came with all of the ramen (except the vegetarian). If your in DC and craving ramen I would definitely suggest stopping by.

Momofuku Milk Bar


I didn’t really get a picture of my food from here because I devoured it immediately. Whoops. I had heard of the Momofuku in NYC, but I didn’t even know they had one in DC. I actually noticed it on my Google Maps and knew we had to go in. The main purpose was to get my boyfriend some famous Crack Pie, but of course I had to get something too. I ended up getting a crunchy cereal milkshake, which was cereal milk with cereal in it. The cereal was like a cross between corn flakes and frosted flakes, so they were not too sweet, but sweet enough. We also got a couple cookies, and a little jug of cereal milk. It was sooo good! I hear the noodle bar is good as well, but we only went to the milk bar.

Ted’s Bulletin

Why yes those are homemade pop tarts, and yes they were just as delicious as you would except. Brunch was at Ted’s Bulletin in Eastern Market. As you can probably gather from the above photos, it was A LOT of food, and I didn’t finish nearly half of it. We made the mistake of each getting a pop tart (strawberry, caramel, and cinnamon sugar) before our meals. The pop tarts were actually different than I expected. I expected kind of a flakey, toaster strudel type crust, but it was actually more of a shortbread cookie type crust. All three were amazing. I then got chicken biscuits for my breakfast. Now when they said “mini biscuits” I pictured them being much smaller, but to be fair the server did warn me. Either way, it was delicious, even if I did only eat one biscuit. They also have lunch and dinner, and I hear the spiked milkshakes are amazing as well.

Union Market


For breakfast on our last day we wanted something quick and easy, so we went to Union Market. Union market is like an indoor market with a bunch of different vendors. I loooove this type of setting and I really wish Raleigh had something similar. We ended up going to Buffalo & Bergen to get bagel sandwiches. As you can see I got a sausage, egg, and cheese on a sesame seed bagel. We also got coffee from another vendor. It looked like they had a lot of good stuff, which I would’ve tried if I hadn’t been stuffing myself with amazing food all weekend. I definitely want to go back and try more in Union Market next time I’m in DC.

Hard to believe I ate all of that in one weekend huh? But what’s a foodie to do when there’s so many good options?! If anyone has any other DC food suggestions I would love to here them, as I’m sure I’ll be going back soon.

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I'm just an aspiring Registered Dietitian who loves food.

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