Long time no blog!

I’ve been missing in action the past week because I was over on the West Coast for Spring Break. I went to Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco and it was amazing. I had so much fun visiting friends, spending time with my boyfriend, doing fun new things, and not to mention eating delicious food all week. Obviously none of these restaurants are right around the corner for you to go to, but I thought I’d do a little food synopsis of my trip. Maybe you guys will be in one of these cities looking for a restaurant at some point and hopefully I can help you out!

I guess I don’t really need to give a detailed description of every meal, but I’ll share pictures to make you hungry and tell you the best restaurants I ate at.

Here we go!

ImageThe first place we went was Wild Abandon in Portland. I think Portland had the best food out of the three places I traveled to. Everything was really unique and delicious. At Wild Abandon we all got Garlic Bread to share and it was amazingggg. For my meal I got Shrimp Mazatlan, which was shrimp with peppers and onions and a spicy sauce, served with polenta cakes. ImageThe next night in Portland we went to a place called The Red Fig. It was an asian fusion restaurant, and again, delicious



For appetizers we got Chicken Potstickers and Grilled Mushrooms. For my meal I got Soy Ginger Salmon. I’m not sure why but I’ve been obsessed with Salmon lately, so this definitley satisfied my cravings. Plus, the salad with Wasabi dressing that came with it was on point.

The next morning we went to Voodoo Doughnuts. Disclaimer: I know I’m a nutrition student and I shouldn’t recommend eating doughnuts, but oh my goodness these were amazing. My friend Jason that we stayed with said that every person visiting Portland has to go there, and I certainly did not put up a fight. They have a ton of different flavors. I got one doughnut for that morning and one for the bus ride to Seattle the next day.

Image“The Dirty Bastard”: a cake doughnut with chocolate frosting, topped with oreos and peanut butter

Image“Maple Bacon”: Just like it sounds. A cake doughnut with maple frosting and bacon.

Finally, to end our trip to Portland, we went to happy hour on the 30th story of a beautiful building at Portland City Grill. Since it was happy hour we all kind of munched on different things, but the few things I got were amazing. Plus, the view was incredible!

ImageParmesan Garlic Fries

ImageSalmon Cakes and Cesar Salad

So I’m a bad blogger and forgot to take a few pictures of meals in Seattle, but don’t worry I got the really good ones. The ones I didn’t take a picture of: lunch at Palaminos (turkey sandwich and soup) and just a subway type place called Potbelly. See, not that exciting. Here’s the good ones!

Apparently I was in a Maple Bacon mood because I also tried a Maple Bacon Cupcake from The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co.


For dinner we went to a lovely little Italian restaurant called Assaggio. I got my boyfriend addicted to gnocchi at this restaurant 🙂 I got some amazing gnocchi with brown butter and sage sauce. We also got bruschetta for an appetizer.


Sorry for the bad lighting on this one. I think this was a bit of a fancier restaurant that we just happened upon, cause it was candle lit. We were a tad under dressed, but thats ok. It was soo scrumptious.

Finally, we decided to get brunch at the restaurant in our hotel because I would never ever turn down brunch. I was so pleasantly surprised! I expected a continental type breakfast, but this restaurant was amazing! I got fruit and cream stuffed french toast.


Oh and don’t forget the bakeries at the Pike Place Market, including one with tiny little cheesecakes! I got a Kahlua and white chocolate one.


Finally, San Francisco! We ended up eating at some fairly sketchy places in San Fran, maybe partly because we were starting to run low on money. While I did feel like a local, I did forget to take pictures. We got Mexican at this incredibly sketchy place near our hotel at like 11pm the night we got there. The next morning we got doughnuts from another weird place. Although sketchy, I can’t complain about either meal. We then met up with some friends and got breakfast for lunch near Alamo Square. This place wasn’t really sketchy, just small and I figured you knew what Pancakes look like. For dinner we went to Grott’s, which is apparently a pretty well known chain in Cali. But again, I figured you knew what chicken tenders look like. The next night though, we ended up in Napa for dinner after a day full of wine. We came across a lovely Italian place in Downtown Napa called UCA Trattoria. I got some delicious Ravioli with brown butter sauce. Plus, I ended up getting a free glass of wine when I went to Yelp to look this place up. Moral of the story: Always Yelp it.


Well that concludes my vacation of eating through the West Coast. Hopefully I made you hungry with all these pictures and maybe helped  you out for a future vacation?

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